Oval Slice Pendant
Oval Slice Pendant
Oval Slice Pendant

Oval Slice Pendant

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A contemporary 18k yellow gold pendant featuring a Roman carnelian intaglio depicting a female bust holding a rose by the stem, dating from 1st Century BC – 1st Century AD

The female depicted appears to be an interesting mix of Diana (Artemis, Greek equivalent), and Venus (Aphrodite, Greek equivalent), who were considered to be complete opposites. Diana was the olympic goddess of the hunt, the protector of wilderness, and goddess of chastity. Venus was the olympic goddess of love, beauty, and sex

However, both goddesses shared similarities. Diana was worshiped as one of the primary goddesses of childbirth - she was a protector of young girls, was linked to fertility and assisted women in childbirth. Venus was also revered as a goddess of fertility, and was particularly important to prospective brides who offered her gifts before their wedding night. Furthermore, Diana's virginity was related to her power and independence, in the same way that Venus's sexuality was
In this specific example, the woman carries a bow and an arrow, which is the most common symbol used to portray Diana. She also wears a myrtle crown and holds a rose in her right hand, which are both symbols linked to Venus because of the pleasure that they bring (roses were beautiful, and myrtle was thought to be an aphrodisiac) 
It is interesting to see that such opposing characters are portrayed as one person, symbolising the broad spectrum of female identity

Approximate Measurements: H24.3mm · H30.5mm including jump ring x W20.8mm · 4mm gold border · 4.75mm thick

16" Omega Chain · Different chains available on request

Unique Piece · Brushed Finish · Handcrafted in London

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