Craftsmanship and Sustainability


Each piece of jewellery is carefully made in the UK by highly skilled craftsmen. Their generational knowledge and passion are part of a legacy of craftsmanship that dates back to Ancient Greece — to the artisans who first carved the ancient gemstones into which we breathe new life.

Unique Pieces

Being in possession of an ancient gemstone today means being part of its endless history, which has continuously been reinvented throughout millenniums. These timeless works of art have long been appreciated for their astonishing beauty, exceptional craftsmanship, and historical weight. Our pieces are made to bring these versatile gemstones into the present, by integrating them into a modern aesthetic, while also propelling them into the future.

As each antiquity differs in size, shape, and history, all finished pieces will reflect the uniqueness of their individual objects. To collaborate with Victoria and personalise your piece, please refer to the bespoke section.



All of our unique pieces include repurposed ancient carved gemstones, coins, or objects that have been around for thousands of years. Our silver and vermeil pieces are made using moulds of Greek and Roman artefacts, which means that we never use new gemstones. All of our silver and vermeil pieces are created using recycled silver.


All of our packaging is either recyclable or re-usable, and we do not use any materials containing plastic or foam.

Our unique pieces come in suede boxes, which are handmade to order by a small family-owned business in Italy. These boxes are made to be kept and re-used over and over again.

Our silver and vermeil pieces come in cardboard boxes, which are recyclable and void of any harmful glues. The pouches are made of un-dyed organic Fairtrade cotton and can be re-used to store or travel with your jewellery. Both the boxes and the pouches are made in Denmark.

Finally, our tissue paper is produced in the UK by a sustainable manufacturer who plants a tree for every order that is made. They use FSC certified and acid free paper, made from cellulose fibre, and soy-based inks (as opposed to petroleum-based).