Jewellery Care

To minimise scratching, please store your jewellery in the provided pouch or box.

We recommend you do not swim, shower, or exercise in your jewellery, and avoid contact with perfumes, cosmetics, and household chemicals. Exposure to bleach or any other abrasives will affect and potentially damage the finish of your piece. 

Omega Chains/Semi-Rigid Chains

Omega chains have a semi-rigid form, which can make them susceptible to kinking. We recommend you store your chain flat and away from other heavy jewellery, hanging up, or carefully coiled and unclasped.

Unique Pieces

If you wish to clean your unique piece, please contact us at for instructions specific to your jewellery. Because your piece holds an artefact, it may require special attention. Coins should not be polished, as they will lose their natural patina, which they have acquired over time. Certain stones are fragile and should be dealt with gently. Some pieces have a brushed finished and will lose their matte-effect if polished.