The Designer

Victoria Strigini is a French, London-based jewellery designer. Modernising Ancient Greek and Roman antiquities, she reimagines them for the present – setting rare intaglios, cameos, and coins in bold, minimalist mounts with pure and subtle lines. Her jewellery presents striking contrasts, while highlighting the timelessness of century-old objects.

Victoria’s work resolves contradiction: between the history of the unique artefacts she sources from auction houses and antique dealers around the world, and the modern settings she creates for them. Between the hand-hewn detailing of the carvings, and linear mounts stripped to their essence. Between the emotional underpinnings of the stones and the rigor of their gold and silver frames. With an appreciation for jewellery’s past and an understanding of its future as unisex, inclusive, and sustainable, Victoria reclaims a history for a generation that embraces duality and rejects limitations — of style, material, gender, and any arbitrary distinctions. Fashioned from recycled gemstones and metals by highly skilled artisans, her jewellery harnesses centennial traditions of craftsmanship in service of a strong modern vision, to create responsibly and wear with ease.

The daughter of a painter and the granddaughter of a seamstress who made her childhood clothes, Victoria was raised in a tradition of strong female creativity, where she learned the importance of fine materials and quality. After studying art history at McGill, she received diplomas in Jewellery Design, CAD, and Diamond Grading from the Gemological Institute of America in New York, before returning to London and founding her jewellery line in 2019.