La Chevalière Ring - Agate
La Chevalière Ring - Agate

La Chevalière Ring - Agate

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A contemporary 18k yellow gold ring featuring a Roman agate intaglio depicting a reclined lion, with a crescent moon above its head, dating from the 2nd – 3rd Century AD

Similarly to today, the lion was the king of animals, and symbolised strength and power in Ancient Rome. Because the lion depicted on this intaglio is laying below a moon, it is likely that it represents the Nemean lion, who, in Greek mythology, was a monster whose golden fur was impenetrable, and whose sharp claws could cut through anything. Selene (Luna, Roman equivalent), Greek goddess of the Moon, was the Nemean lion's mother, and the lion was thus born from the moon

Approximate Measurements: H4mm above finger x W9mm at top x 2mm thick band

Ring Size: UK H ½ / US 4 ½

Unique Piece · High Shine Finish · Handcrafted in London

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